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17 Year old daredevil - Rooftopping in Hong Kong (VIDEO)


If you dont know me already, my name is James Sight. Just a few days ago i turned 17. For the past year and a half i have been striving every day to climb the tallest structures around china/hong kong and try to push the boundries wherever i am. I have climbed many notable structures like the 3rd tallest building in the world (Ping an finance centre) and the iconic 206metre Tsing Ma Bridge near the Hong Kong International airport. Over the time i have done lots of exciting and dangerous climbs. Many people may not understand why i do it, but i do it because i love it and it gives me a sense and feeling of living which is hard to explain, but the feeling is beautiful.

Here is a video i will leave below for you to watch. Its a compilation of some of my crazy climbs.