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I offer a wide range of commerial services to companies or individuals at request. I can do a range of things like promoting your brand across my multiple social media accounts all the way over to TV interviews. Im flexible with the work i do, feel free to contact me at if you would like do business together. 

Below you can see a video where i did a promotion for a watch company. This is one style of the very many types of promotion i can do. In this video you can see me talk about the watch company and then climb to the top of a crane with their product on my wrist!

Here you can see an example of the work I could produce for your brand on my Instagram profile. I have great experience with photography and film, so i can produce very high quality content for you. Whether you want your product to be seen in the middle of a beautiful forest or ontop of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. This is all work I am confident in producing to a high standard.