About James Sight

My name is James Sight. I am a 17 year old urban explorer who was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. As I grew older, I moved around to many countries in Asia with my family due to uncertainties in my parents work. These moves really helped give me a love and an addiction to traveling. Just before 2016 came around, I found my love and passions or climbing to the top of structures like buildings or cranes. Since I discovered my passion for climbing and exploring places, I set this as my goal to make creating videos and producing content my full time job, and nowadays it is.  

During my career of free climbing, I have made it to the top of some of the tallest structures in Asia. Many of these buildings have been dreams for me to climb, but as I always say, call it a plan and not a dream. Some of the buildings I have climbed include the Ping An Finance centre in Shenzhen which is the 3rd tallest building in the world, the video for that climb can be viewed here. During 2017, I also climbed to the top of the China Resource Headquarters construction site which is over 1300ft tall, I climbed to the top of the crane alongside 3 Australian base jumpers who jumped off the crane with parachutes, The video can be viewed here.